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    FocusStar can be used with one or
 many telescopes.  And it can be used
 with CCD or DSLR cameras
 connected to a telescope.  FocusStar 
 is compatible with Cercis Astro
 DslrStar.  Both FocusStar and
 DslrStar may be used with computer
 or in standalone mode.

    It is self-contained; no additional
 remote control or push-button
 devices  are necessary.

    FocusStar can focus either from a
 remote location using compuer
 commands - or in the observatory
 using up/down keys while looking
 through eyepiece or selecting from
 your 9 presets.
FocusStar Main Dialog: 
Enables user to move to stored presets, manage temperature compensation, and initiate temperature management.  Temperature sensing can compensate for focus shifts - particularly in Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes - due to ambient temperature changes.  When external temperature sensor is connected, FocusStar records temperature characteristics in non-volatile memory.

Computer Interface Screens

Two FocusStar program dialog boxes - FocusStar Main Dialog and FocusStar Setup Dialog - are shown. 
  FocusStar Main Menu
  Below are descriptions of choices available in Windows software menu
(refer FocusStar screen above)
    Focuser Menu (the status bar displays current connected status, selected focuser, motion mode, and if backlash enabled)
        Main - Selects the "Main" focuser as the active focuser.
        Auxiliary - Selects the "Auxiliary" focuser as the active focuser.
        Connected - Establish or close the communication connection to the FocusStar controller.
        Mode - Choose the motion mode, "Absolute" or "Relative" motion.
        Go Home - Move the the current home position.
        Setup - Open the setup dialog for changing settings and presets.
        Exit - Quit the program.
TempComp Menu (the status baar displays the temperature compensation enabled)
        Enabled - Activate or disable the temperature compensation function.
        Compensate Now - Run the temperature compensation function at the current temperature.
        The first time this item is selected the reference temperature and position are set to the current values.
        Data - View and change the temperature compensation data.
        Add Data Point - Add a new temperature compensation data point.
        Reset - Clear the temperature compensation database.
     Help Menu:
        Help Topics - Brings up this help document.
        Web Site - Uses the default browser to visit the Cercis Astro web site.
        About - Display this software application version and copyright information.
FocusStar Setup Screen:

Shows 9-user-assigned keypad presets, as well as maximum / minimum limits set by user for the telescope eyepiece.
The dialog has a menu system for selecting various options, a main active focuser position display, a temperature display and a step size control. At the bottom of the dialog is a status bar indicating the current configuration information.
 See FocusStar Pro - For Reference Only

FocusStar Pro (Model 420)
replaces FocusStar 410

FocusStar 410 Links